Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | September 30, 2010

Rolling Stone: Boycott this Misleading Mush Mag

I realize that magazines need to come up with ways to sell their product, but outright lies to their readership is not what one would expect to see from a publication that thinks of itself as existing for the supposed intellectual music fan.

Rolling Stone magazine sent one of their reporters (too much credit with that label) on the vacuous MSNBC show Lawrence O’Donnell “Last Word”. I don’t even remember the reporter’s name (not worth it), as right off the bat, his statements were obviously left-leaning extreme bias; the topic of which has already been shown weeks earlier (and continues) to be without factual support. Their subject was the Tea Party and an article the reporter wrote in the desperate attempt to find something racist about the grass-roots movement.

When asked by O’Donnell (his first question) if he thought the Tea Party was a racist  organization (they are NOT racist), the reporter didn’t have the guts to come out and say it, he just went around his elbow to get to his thumb and heavily insinuated the thought.  Saying something ridiculous about the average Tea Party member being upset about what he termed “white reverse discrimination”. Outrageous! The Tea Party is concerned about SPENDING that is out of control with Obama’s so-called administration, among other threats to our Republic, such as bringing America down through the loser socialist agenda.

This type of socialist left rhetoric has gotten way out of hand, and MSNBC, CNN, et al, should just go ahead and drop the pretense that they are ‘news’ organizations, and admit that they are really PAC’s with their noses firmly in the socialist democratic party butt. There is no wonder the majority of informed, conscientious Americans don’t watch these MSM outlets. Turns my stomach to view what little I do watch, but one needs to see what garbage is being vomited by those left leaning bully pulpits such as ABC and CBS. Secretly, I do keep hoping that they return to a more objective reporting. But, for now, I’ll just watch every now and then for the deep, gutteral laugh they generate.

One of the most admittedly racist organizations out there, the NAACP, even launched a website in a ludicrous attempt to drive web videos and photos to supposedly out the Tea Party’s alleged racist tendencies. What a joke!! Many weeks after it’s launch, there has not been one word or revelation on that subject.  Has the NAACP come out to update us on their non-findings? Of course not! Has Rolling Stone come out on this, or, to condemn the New Black Panthers, and their club wielding voter intimidation debacle, swept under the rug by the Obama administration? Of course not! That might show their typically young readership, that couldn’t tell you the name of their congressional leaders if you showed them a photo, that acting like a third world country is not a good thing. Of course, Rolling Stone magazine’s intrepid reporter runs no risk of getting hurt at a Tea Party gathering. Unless he runs across that liberal jerk that likes to pour coffee down peoples backs. So, if you are a subscriber to Rolling Stone Magazine, and you consider yourself as so smart and hip, you should be offended at being lied to and drop the purchasing of this rag that is not even good for toilet paper.

Maybe this reporter will do his audience a real service in the future by directing his energies to expose, e.g.; that viewing a large amount of “reality shows”, and not being able to identify a photo of members of Congress who are shaping their futures, is problematic. As his young, intellectual, progressive, soundbite impressionable, avid reality show viewing (there’s some deep thinking for you) readers of this magazine need to see is wrong. If Rolling Stone magazine’s readers rely on the type of article this reporter wrote on the Tea Party as factual. And, are eligible, legal voters; I sure hope that they don’t go to the polls in November as they don’t have a real clue what or who they vote into office. If they do and end up re-electing any of the socialist rabble now in office, I guess they can blame the results on Bush.



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