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Politics for the Simple Minded Voter and Gloria Allred

NOTE: Forgive me in advance if this article seems disjointed and curtailed, as I tried very hard to keep this short and easy (okay – dumb it down) for certain “intellectual” individuals. Thank you.

One of the biggest threats to American society today is almost never discussed, and if it is mentioned in public at all, it is almost always in hushed tones. If you grew up in the era prior to the 1980’s, certain cancers were never discussed openly in polite society, such as breast cancer. While there is something good to be said for living in a “polite society”, in those days you just didn’t say the word breast in public. Not even in conjunction with a disease, funny enough. Times change and now, among other formerly taboo medical topics, we have highly publicized breast cancer awareness weeks. We have heterosexual men willing to wear pink shoes and wear tight clothing, while biking to raise money to fight the disease. This awareness is a good thing, obviously, and I hope to see cancer cases in all forms significantly reduced or cured in my lifetime. Everyone wants this. What does this have to do with an ambulance chasing lawyer like Gloria Allred? Just hold on a minute and I will get to her, but I am willing to bet that the type of individuals I am targeting, probably haven’t read to this point in the article. (Wink, wink! Nudge, nudge!)

We need this same kind of awareness for another type of cancer. Political cancers. Because, in these modern times, we don’t openly discuss the most prevalent of political cancers – the Simple Minded Voter (SMV) cancer. I know…this will be hard for some of you. It is the most curable kind of cancer known to man, yet history shows that this cancer isn’t discussed openly, and is thus doomed to repeat over and over as a result. Even though there is a readily available cure for this dangerous, potential nation-killing problem!

As far as what history can show us about this problem, I need to keep this simple for the intended audience. So, I will refrain from giving a detailed lesson on what those with SMV disease should already have learned; e.g., concerning how NAZI Germany and Soviet Russia came into being. That is, unless the SMV educates themselves (YES! All by your little lonesome!), the SMV will always be used like a slave to cast their vote for candidates, that once in office, will actually cause the SMV harm! Those big, name-calling meanies! I know this tough to grasp, but hang in there! I will help.

Now if you haven’t identified yourself as having SMV cancer, I will give you a little clues to help you in your diagnosis. You tend to be the liberal left in politics as identified in the general media. Especially including those who identify (the worst form of SMV cancer) with socialism and communism. Again, to keep it easy to understand, you the SMV, vote only on your feelings, which are often easily hurt. The SMV’s attention span is only 30 to 60 seconds long, and is drawn to negative soundbites easily, and are thus easily swayed. So, even if you only pay attention to the news as you breeze by the newscast on your way to watching your daily dose of “reality tv” shows; you should be able to tell if you have this disease. Now if you are one of the brighter SMV’s, you have made it this far in the article, and you should be commended! You are on your way to curing your affliction. Just a little more professor, and we will be done.

Now (barely) we can get to Ms. Allred. This week, she has reared her ugly head again and thrown her calculated monkey wrench into the political works. She has done this many times (another clue to begin your cure!) before. With her face firmly planted in Jerry Brown’s posterior, Gloria has surfaced to help sway SMV votes for Brown. Now, you who are afflicted with SMV cancer, need to understand two (just two!) things to be cured. Told you I was going to make this easy! One, it is important to know that I don’t live in California (you didn’t know where or whom they are did you…? One should know about things outside one’s own door.), and, two, what people like Gloria Allred really do to harm this country by confusing issues to garner the SMV’s vote for her cronies, um, I mean wealthy power-hungry friends. This is the main point now, so stay with me! You can do it! Do you have a headache? I don’t feel your pain, but take a minute to get some aspirin. Back? Okay, good!

First, Allred doesn’t really care about Meg Whitman’s former nanny. That’s what I said –  she really doesn’t care about this woman she is supposedly representing. I say representing, but it is unclear as to whether Gloria has actually filed a lawsuit against Whitman, but that is another story. I mean, how dare Whitman only pay this woman who may be an illegal a mere $23/hour!! Slave driver she must be!! (Sorry, I am really trying to make this easy!) This is only a ploy to get the SMV not to vote for Whitman and vote for Brown. See it really is easy to understand! Gloria, and the many like her, use other’s like this former nanny of Whitman’s, crying in front of the sympathetic media (awwww!), to get the SMV to vote for whom they want you to vote by clouding the real issues! Do you really want this cancer disease propagated by the Allred’s of the world? Do you really like being used, and politically enslaved? Do you really want a clown like Brown to continue (if you are a SMV in CA) his way too long political career? I wouldn’t think so. But, read on! We shall see.

You belong to the Democratic party (hey! here is some bonus diagnosis!) which was opposed to Lincoln and freedom. You belong to the political party that uses (read: preys on) your over abundance of feelings/emotions that rules your life, against you. That portrays itself as the political party that will give you (the easy way) all that you want and feel you deserve (I know – you are so personally wounded by Bush) by giving the SMV, the feeling that you will be empowered and prosperous. The reality is the Democratic party wants to convert America to socialism (which has throughout history always been a loser system) through the SMV’s votes, and ultimately take away your liberties, including your ability to increase your net worth. That’s right! They are going to use your vote for them to take away your liberties. They want you to feel the need to stand with them and stick it to the rich by taxing them heavily. All the while, the Democrats/Socialists you vote into office are getting richer by the minute with your vote! Are you? Didn’t think so. Need and example? Just research (I know, that requires some effort.) the wealth Al Gore has accumulated since his VP days by pushing ever-more extreme socialist agendas. Try to walk up to him and ask him to give you (i.e., redistribute his wealth) a large chunk of his money. I bet he will tell you to take a ride right back to whence you came.  Feeling your ignorance, um, cancer? No?

Well go back to what you think is important and catch up on what that tart “Snookie” and that pinhead Bill Maher are doing this week on their “reality tv” shows. You cannot be cured.



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