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Beware: Free Speech is Over in America

I am willing to bet that some individuals in America that sees this article will think my headline statement is just about crazy. Well, while I obviously don’t agree that it is crazy, I support your right to think and say so!

Yet, like never before in America, you cannot say what is on your mind without severe social, and personal consequences. I am not speaking about anything being said that is extreme here. For an example of what I mean by extreme, I personally draw the line at those who disrupt funerals to express their distaste for the war we are engaged in. There is a time and place for everything, and there is no excuse for that kind of shameful display. I am just talking about everyday thoughts that any American citizen should be able to express openly without fear of economic or social reprisal.

Examples in the news and other media  just this week that show why “free speech” is now a thing of the past in America:

George Soros, multi-millionaire and liberal, has given almost $3 million to two different organizations. One of which Soros gave almost $2 million, is to specifically harass and intimidate the Fox News organization. Soros, I guess, wants Fox News to be just like ABC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC, and continually aire one-sided liberal view points. The other, NPR, a government-funded entity that unapologetically presents only a one-sided liberal political view, was given $1 million by Soros. The one NPR journalist (Juan Williams) that, even though he is a liberal and one of their own, that was fired this week for simply expressing he was nervous about muslims on airplanes; and, just so happens that he is a regular political analyst appearing on Fox News.

Do you really think that is a coincidence that he was fired after Soros gave NPR a $1 million all within the same week? After he gave another organization almost $2 million to harass and attempt to stifle Fox News? I do find it very telling of NPR that Williams was not fired for making a statement a few weeks back when he alluded with no evidence, that the Tea Party had racist overtones! So, NPR evidently thinks it is okay to make an unsubstantiated statement about the Tea Party, but not okay to say anything related to muslims! Williams now acknowledges that NPR routinely orchestrates a liberal message. Well no kidding, many see that as obvious, but it is refreshing to actually hear someone admit to NPR’s bias. Just as bad if not worse, is PBS which also relies heavily on your tax dollars! Bill Moyers is a socialist in his views and represents an example of PBS skewed programming. Look at the transcripts of many of his shows if you don’t want to take my word.

Even after the media firestorm over Williams being fired from NPR for his innocuous statement, his former boss publicly calls him crazy and suggest he see his psychiatrist. That, even though she has more or less apologized for her remarks, is beyond unnecessary and shameful!  I don’t believe her apology is sincere either. I believe she was forced by her bosses to issue the apology, which was not in front of cameras like her disgusting display was. Who is going to feel they have a right to free speech when you could lose your job, and, your character be demeaned and attacked publicly after your firing! It happened to Williams and others, so why not you the average American? Williams might as well have been put in stocks so that the villagers could walk by and spit on him or throw rotten eggs at him!

Just so it is said, I don’t usually agree with much that Juan Williams says. His liberal views and my conservative views rarely converge. But, I would never tell him that he doesn’t have the right to say what is on his mind. He, by all accounts, seems to be a thoughtful, intelligent individual, that for many years has been good at his work at NPR.

 The worst part about the loss of free speech in America? Is that it is orchestrated by a very small number of people, in very powerful positions, that are able to reach and control a mass audience.

Who would that be? Those that control the media, that’s who! There are a very small number of people who control what you see in the media. Not just the news outlets, but movies and television shows as well. These small number of people who produce the programming you watch, know that they have the power to indoctrinate people. The bully pulpit is another term for this phenomenon. They are backed with funding by a wealthy minority including George Soros. Fortunately, there are a few that have good intentions. Just not enough.

For example, your children are being bombarded with sex and violence like never before. Even cartoons meant for young children now have overt sexual content with the dialog and manner of dress depicted on some of the characters.  Many of the cartoon shows are the same in title and characters that go back to the 1960’s to a safer time in television. But they are definitely not the same in their message or depiction. Why is it that producers of these cartoons think it important that your seven-year old, be exposed to an overly curvy female character that is in a micro bikini or other skimpy outfit, rolling on the ground with a boy in a sexually charged moment? I can’t think of any good reason but, I saw this very thing on a cartoon (one that started in the late 1960’s) children were watching and it was sporting a rating of Y7!!  It is obvious the producers of this content do not care anymore, that you as a parent might have an objection to your child viewing suggestive sex and manner of dress, on what used to be a safe haven that a parent didn’t worry about their child seeing. There is a subliminal reason for it, but only they know what it might be. I find it interesting that no one in the news media has investigated and questioned the producers of such garbage. Shows like “60 Minutes” are too busy pushing a liberal agenda to do any relevent investigative segments on their own industry.

They want your children to believe in things like a global warming theory that has been proven false, or other controversial topics that are only partly true.  These producers of the content your children are watching(or you and me for that matter) are not concerned with the truth, just presenting a controversial topic as if it were truth! They know your children will believe it, in many cases even when you the parent have told your child otherwise. The media image has a powerful residual in children’s memories. Some may say that we should just turn off the television if we don’t like the content. Well that is a cop-out! The media moguls know that is a fantasy.

What does this have to do with free speech? Everything! The media are molding the young into politically correct robots. They are saying “believe this, don’t say that”, and, you should know that you’re “out of touch” with the “majority” of viewers don’t you? That is what they want you to think. Worse, they know your children will not know any different, which in many cases will have (and is having already) a detrimental effect on our society as a whole. An adult, at least in most cases, has the capacity to reason out subliminal messages in the content they see, read, or hear. A child, and the media is at the very least insidious here, does not have this capacity in early ages, and only a limited amount in later adolescent ages.

 What’s the big deal you ask? Just look at the youngest of voters in this nation today. They have been raised in a media culture in the last 25 years that is full of “progressive” content and it showed in their voting for Obama and his cronies. They have been inundated with streaming media telling them to vote. On the surface that is good. But, have you noticed they have not been bombarded with being told to vote responsibly? Just to go pull a lever or fill in a dot, usually told by a Hollywood type or other liberal spokesperson. Nothing about seriously looking at a candidate, incumbent or otherwise, to try to understand what the impact on the nation will possibly happen if that person were elected. Vote for the guy that looks better and younger than the other? Vote on feelings and not critical thinking. For progressives/socialists it is all about feelings. They indoctrinate the young on that basis through the media in order to push their agenda. Well, feelings are good to have, but not at the expense of common sense and reasoning! That includes possibly having to make hard decisions in the short run in order to have a better outcome in the long run.

An argument can easily be made for that. Just look at the media advertising for starters, as the most pointed version (i.e., less subliminal) of media message vehicles. With airbrushed models telling your daughter how inadequate her body type, although, never actually saying verbally her body is inadequate. Or, you’re not acceptable unless you own certain (expensive) products. Implying non-facts as if they are truths. Implying that this is the majority thought, when it is not. The list goes on and it ultimately is wanting us to subscribe to a minority, politically correct view as if it is a majority view. To me that is the same as lying. Maybe I am one of the last that says and thinks what he believes is correct.  Those that don’t will find out one day the consequences of not doing so. A rude awakening that will be – albeit possibly too late. Is Orwell right after all? Maybe, I don’t think I can put my name to this blog…



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