Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 25, 2010

Illegals Given the Right to Vote?!!

Chicago, bastion of corrupt politics and our president, has already given the privilege to vote to illegals. Now Portland, ME is planning to vote on giving this privilege to illegals as well!

Why? What possible good reason is there to give illegals and foreigners holding passports the right to decide how America is governed? The liberal socialist left is showing their true colors with this debacle. Anything to sway elections in favor of a liberal agenda. This political cancer must be cut out and removed now! It is just an extension of “sanctuary cities” and is illegal on its face!

I can see no reason that is positive for America to allow criminals and those whose allegiance is to a foreign nation to vote how America is governed! This is insanity at its worst within the socialist/democrat ranks. It is a slap in all our faces those of us that love this nation for what it has stood for since it’s inception. It is a slap, worst of all, to those that have fought and died for this country and it’s principles.

Further, the President of the “United” States of “America” has not publicly said a word about this. Not too surprising there. He gets their votes.

Wake up “United States of America”, before there is no  “United” America. You should be very frightened of this very real threat by the liberal left. The liberals love to say the conservatives are fear mongers. Well, the truth is that the liberals are the fear mongers and prove it with their ridiculous and dangerous legislation! Just more reason to vote them out of government. The lies and destructive political legislation must be terminated and reversed/repealed. Come November 2nd, if there is not a complete turnaround of this kind of garbage. It will be time for the conservative base in America, to stop being polite, and take off the gloves.

As much as it disgusts me, we will have to play the socialist/democrat game, and, that is start to ostracize and treat supporters (friends or neighbors), of those that would bring down America and the liberties and values we hold dear, negatively in an open way. The socialist/democrats have been doing this for years already through the media in a variety of ways.

Start by not shopping in stores that support liberal agendas. Ask those whose services you purchase what their support is given to, and change them to those who provide services that are in line with conservatives. Especially if these services employ illegals. Stop watching television programs and their networks that promote the liberal agenda. That will really hurt, as most networks promote the liberal agenda. Yeah, that may require you to miss a favorite show or two, but the message must be sent. Stop purchasing products of companies that sponsor through their ads on liberal programming.  PBS is a prime example and lists those that donate to  liberal based programs at the end of the program, which makes it easy to tell whose company to avoid! The fight will be on in a most realistic way then.

It is my hope, though, that the above won’t have to happen (not entirely) because a resounding conservative message would have been sent by the morning of November 3rd. If that happens, the liberal media rhetoric will immediately take a different tone. It already has to a small degree, just from the anticipation of a voter referendum that is expected. That should be a lesson to the real majority in America as to just how easy it is. Don’t let the minority in the government and media dictate the direction of the majority of Americans and our values and liberties that make Americans exceptional, anymore. They are supposed to work for you! Not vice-versa.



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