Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 25, 2010

Pres. – “We are proud to be Americans.” Really?!

In a speech yesterday, Obama said “…we are Democrats, but we are more proud to be Americans.”

Really now Mr. President?

You and your administration have been bent on not just “change” as in the way you billed it in your campaign. But, a complete dismantling of what it is that makes America!

Your administration has done nothing but work behind closed doors, in the most nefarious manner possible, to turn our nation into a third world version of socialist France! We have seen in recent weeks how that works for France. We have seen how socialism is a loser system that produces nothing. Produces nothing materially, and thus, economically inert.

But, socialism does “produce” quite a bit of the most negative things like people living in an entitlement state, which just creates more people with each generation that think they are owed something. It “produces” an infringement on freedoms and liberty. Worse, socialism is always “produced” and advanced by falsehoods and an insidious absence of truth in multiple forms of media. History is full of such examples Mr. President. History which you not only ignore, but want to rewrite in your image.

That, among your many other transgressions like censorship, is decidedly un-American. True Americans, Mr. President, are decidedly not proud at this juncture.



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