Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 8, 2010

Dem-wits Still Believe Your Money Belongs To Them

Where is it written that your earnings belong to the government? Especially if you are “wealthy”? I challenge anyone to find where in the constitution that money you and I work hard for, is forfeit to the federal government at ever-increasing levels. Guess what socialist-dem voter….there is nothing to say that my money nor your money belongs to the government! And, my money sure doesn’t equate as forfeit to you just because you don’t have as much! People that take risks and shoulder other burdens, i.e., work hard to earn more, deserve their earnings. The socialist-dem’s want you to believe the opposite trash because without your money – socialist-dem’s don’t exist! I do know that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are in there somewhere. All of which are impinged by socialist-dem’s ideals/policies and extreme need to punitively tax your earnings to pay for their ridiculousness.

Should we pay taxes? Of course, as we need a military and certain other services to function as a nation. After all, you like having a place to dump your Pelosi and wipe your Reid. But, things have gone too far. The socialist-dem’s have come to believe that you and I “owe” it to their ideals to pay for every fool out there that feels they deserve a hand-out, with the bottom line to support the socialist-dem’s insatiable need for power!

We need to get rid of the IRS and the punitive taxes we have had to endure since the last grossly negligent president, FDR, shoved his hands into our wallets. (Yes you can add Carter in there, but thanks to all that is good he was limited to one term.) The current system allows the Pelosi’s and Reid’s of this country to abuse your money, by spending it before it even hits the Treasury. They know that all they have to do to pay for a swimming pool is gouge us for more tax. A national sales tax cannot be manipulated to pay for socialist-dem’s hand-outs! Everyone pays their share. If you think you “deserve” a pool for your community, then get off your tail and organize a fund raiser to produce the funds to build, and maintain, the facility – locally. Oh, and part of maintaining means your community keeps up the facility when it is abused by those that don’t care because they didn’t work for it, as almost invariably is the case. Americans are sick and tired of the these abuse of funds that are nothing more than bottomless holes that become dumps.

It is so easy to see the socialist-dem’s abuse of your money; just simply turn on your tv to see them whine and moan (scream and throw verbal barbs more like it) about the current issue of not increasing the Bush tax levels. Pelosi and her equally crooked cohorts are railing against Obama conceding to the will of the people (remember the election Nasty Nancy and Rip-off Reid?!)- claiming of all things that he isn’t representing the will of the people! Are there really people out there that are so stupid as to believe Pelosi when she states that cutting spending and not raising taxes are actually going to cost money?! If you are that stupid, well…you just can’t be helped. You are the one’s that keep voting these idiots like Pelosi into office, because you really think you are going to get a check out of their winning office! Haven’t you noticed that you and your type still live miserable lives and nothing has ever changed that predicament? No? Well that figures. That makes you nothing but slaves to Pelosi, et al. You want other examples? Just look at Britain and France in the last few weeks. Look at Greece. Their socialist ideals are blowing up in their faces, literally, as their handout-happy populace are crying like babies over “their” money being taken away. Well, that is what happens when you have crushing tax rates that steal from those that earned their incomes! Get a clue! You need to produce your own wealth through your own effort!

Ludicrous! Is what you are Pelosi, Reid, cohorts, and their voters! You all are so drenched in your lust for power and or someone elses money, and your need to keep your electorate poor and downtrodden, that you can’t even remotely see the truth of what is best for this nation as a whole, and not by pushing the den of iniquity style values that is San Franfreako. Your actions are tantamount to treason, and at best are dangerous. At the very least your actions make you disgusting. Keep it up, though! I want 2012 to send you another message. I doubt that you, Pelosi and Reid, will get it even then as you are too inebriated with your power and believing your own lies. Believe you me….you all will bend to my will – as it represents the true majority. Your insanity must stop.



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