Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 9, 2010

Yet More Proof Pelosi Is Delusional

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi, after the House passed their ridiculous Dream Act, stated that the founding fathers would have supported her bill.

Really! Nasty Nancy, you would be perfect for Saturday Night Live chuckle hour, but, no one is laughing. This bill is nothing more than a vote maker for you and your cronies, and, further more, a huge waste of public time and money. It is also a bill to show the world that you stick your middle finger to the majority view in America, and that you thumb your nose to the law of the land. You’re a disgusting example of what is wrong in America and an embarrassment to the nation.

Oh, by the way Nancy dear; the founding fathers of this nation would have already had the army in Mexico with a sword to their corrupt government’s throats, telling them to get their act together or else!

UPDATE: It is almost laughable if she weren’t so serious. The latest delusional comment by outgoing House Speaker Pelosi (about time!) is that her “mantra” has been cutting spending!! Uh, NANCY!!! WAKE UP!!!! Your watch has seen in increase of over a trillion dollars. Do you really believe what you are saying?! Do you really believe that the anyone believes you?! Stop the lying! Whatever drugs you are taking – please overdose and end our nations misery of your mouth.



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