Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 14, 2010

Obamacare Debacle: Smacked!

Finally, some common sense and some small amount of sanity. Obamacare, which should be repealed as quickly as possible, was dealt a serious blow to the mandate that the Pelosi, Reid and their crooked cronies have forced on Americans. The mandate that you should be forced to buy a product or face a serious fine and jail – all by your government! Germans that are old enough to remember the 1930’s are familiar with this form of government. So should you, if you have any sense and knowledge of even a small amount of recent history.

Americans must stand up to this terribly dangerous and oppressive law and demand it’s repeal. Why? Because, the law was passed irresponsibly for one. Anything that is placed into law that the lawmakers themselves do not know what the law encompasses, nor know what is in all of the 2000+ pages, saying essentially “we’ll figure it out later” is not sane! Also, the law was passed in the dead of night like skulking burglers stealing from your home while you sleep. This is proof that socialists are wanting to turn America upside down in what is no less than a coup against the constitution. And they are getting away with it! Because, you who do not lift a finger, even though you don’t agree with it, are essentially enabling the law to stand.

I am amazed that Americans did not take to the streets in protest of this dangerous law when passed, when clearly, most do not support the law, and rightly so! We will have no one to blame, when the government shows up to your door, threating you with fines and jail, on anything it decrees if Obamacare is allowed to stand. Make no mistake…this is clearly about big government taking your liberties! And the door is open for more!

And what was the Obamunist reaction to the court ruling? A whimper of sound from Obama about it is only “one” court ruling, and nothing from Pelosi and Reid. Why? Because they immediately went to work to find more ways to force the law they rammed down America’s throats to further strangle our liberties. They will start crafting lies to the American people on the surface (using your tax dollars), while continuing their behind the closed-door deliberations to further erode our liberties. Do NOT think their silence is the same as them admitting to defeat.

Think that is far-fetched? Really, now. Well, yesterday Obama and his queen have mandated by decree that you as a parent don’t have a right as to how to feed your children in school. The queen came right out and said that you as a parent do not know what you are doing, and that your child’s nutrition is a matter a national security, therefore, subject to the federal government’s control. It’s LAW now people! Think that it will stay only applicable to schools? I guarantee you that before long, parents everywhere are going to start receiving nasty letters from the food police in schools, threatening them if their child is not fed in a certain way. Just wait.  The socialist-dem’s want to fundamentally change your life and shape it to their will, no matter what your objections may be. You had better believe they are doing it. The socialist’s do not apologize that they believe you are stupid (they tell you daily and you take it!), and that their socialist and elitist pseudo-intellectualism should be forced on you at all costs. Get used to being controlled, or fight it. Your choice for now, but it won’t be later. Mine? I will fight…



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