Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 5, 2011

PC Police Jerks Are After Mark Twain

This is so typical of “politically correct” jerks. Go after a dead guy, change his literary works by censoring a word, and see if it sticks. Then, if it does stick in their view, there will be nothing to stop the PC police from changing other items to suit a minority of overly sensitive readers, or for their own devices. History will be at risk to be rewritten and that is a dangerous thing. Because they won’t stop at a single word if this becomes “accepted”. This comes on the heels of the organization of professional “journalists” looking at changing the term “illegal alien” to “undocumented” What an outrage!! What purpose does it serve to minimize criminal activity? None, unless your agenda is anarchy and loser socialistic ideals.

It is a major shame that a minority of people don’t have something better to do than take time to be “offended” at a word, and worse, seek to change it to something less offending. Grow up! I personally as well as a great many other people,do not care for TV shows, movies or books, and other media, using a large amount of profanity. It shows and promotes a crass, uncultured mindset, which you cannot keep from the eyes and ears of children. Yet, you don’t see a publisher or TV network changing their style of writing to accommodate what certainly must be a great many more people offended by “reality show” trash, than there are those whom are “offended” at one little word in two classic literary works by Mark Twain. So what to do? Simple! Don’t read or view it!

People should be “uncomfortable” every now and then to see such wording as a reminder, not only of a time and era gone by as these classic works show, but why we as a society don’t use such terms anymore. Although, it is well known that if you are of black ethnicity, in which that ethnic group in large instances seems to enjoy calling each other that by that term. Go figure. Not the best way to garner respect in general.

Bottom line is that censorship is never a good thing, with the possible exception of promoting military integrity. When people start to believe otherwise in large numbers then this nation will be doomed to setting themselves up to be told what to think and when to think, and be taught from the time they are young and defenseless what will only amount to be propaganda. I for one will never submit to being herded by a minority.



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