Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 8, 2011

Obama Wants To Mind Your Business On Internet

The ridiculousness of Obama’s control measures he wants over society continues. Obama announces today (a weekend of course) that he plans to authorize the Commerce Dept. to issue I.D.’s to each and every American to monitor the internet. This simple cannot be allowed to happen.

Next, Obamunism is going to want to know when you leave your house and where you are going! “Where are your papers Mein Herr?!!”  Except, they will not need trenchcoated and uniformed SS to ask you. It will all be electronic. Is he going to require our cars be bugged with GPS monitoring so he knows our movements there, too? Is he going to succeed in his wanting to censor news networks that do not kiss up to his every whim? Yet he is wont to do such a thing with illegals!! Typical Obamunist twisting of our civil liberties. These are’nt hysterics. There is a tremendous amount of truth in the old addage, “give an inch and they will take a mile.”

It’s none of Obama’s business, nor government in general, what the average American does with the internet or other areas of our private lives. I am sure they will say something about catching predators that use the internet, but as “noble” as that sounds, I am sick of Obama’s wanting to interfere with my personal life, and sick to death of the majority of Americans being punished for the transgressions of an extreme minority. This is just one more stepping stone to control and ignore the Constitution.

Of course, if Obama wants to know what I think of him, his cronies, and his ridiculous policies then he only need to read this blog.  If Obama succeeds at making the I.D.’s a requirement; Americans will find their liberties eroding at an ever increasing rate.



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