Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 10, 2011

Liberals Stirring Up Hate Speech

It is reprehensible the number of liberals that within moments of the event, have come out of the woodwork to mouth off about the tragic shooting in Arizona of Rep. Giffords and those unfortunately killed and wounded. Blaming everyone and everything from Sarah Palin to Fox News. as if they had pulled the trigger before Rep. Giffords was even out of surgery! These liberals are disgusting people who are no better than the crazed person who committed the crime.

True hate though is really coming from the liberal socialist left, and has been escalating for at least the last two years. Conservatives have quickly figured out the liberal socialist agenda, and yet they continue with this propaganda that the Nazi Joseph Goebbels would have been proud to have had a hand. Lies on top of more lies, and egregious distortions of half-truths in mainstream media, and counting on a significant number of Americans to jump to their conclusions that have no basis in fact.

First of all, there is nothing to show at this point that this mentally sick  individual that committed this heinous act was even politically motivated! Second, conservatives won the November election and winners don’t celebrate a win by shooting someone.

Liberals have sown hate and fear by the following:

  • Forcing through legislation in closed door sessions, in the middle of the night, and nefarious at best; in a decidedly un-American fashion that liberals don’t even bother to know what is in the law, nor even knowing what its’ long-term consequences are, thus changing the fundamental values this nation was founded.
  • Forcing upon current and future (even those not yet born) American taxpayers, through unprecedented astronomical spending in a tremendous expansion of government and entitlement mentality, debt levels that are unsustainable and a threat to our national security. 
  • Forcing through czars that are not elected, regulation that severely impinge the liberties and invade the privacy of Americans.
  • Incompetent policies that shackle private and public “free” enterprise with regulation that ultimately cost the average American jobs and cost more money to live in the worst economic time since the Depression.
  • Waging class warfare by wanting to force wealthier Americans to give up their hard-earned income in a disproportionate manner simply to garner votes from those who are jealous of others’ success and want to be supported monetarily by others’ efforts and work.
  • Ignoring and thus breaking the laws of the land by a multi-faceted and concerted effort to give sanctuary, and ultimately, amnesty to illegal aliens; so many of which cause disease, crime, and rob work from law-abiding citizens.
  • Spreading rumor and inuendo through mass media as if it were fact, that “target” symbols used by (yes,  liberals too!) conservatives in political ads should even remotely suggest to any ordinary, reasonable, prudent American, that a candidate for office would actually want their opponent shot and killed!
  • Generally corrupt politics and still ignoring the electorate that sent socialist liberals a clear message that the un-American direction of socialist loser ideals they were taking this country must end.

This is by no means the end of the list of transgressions that prove socialist liberals are the real hate mongers. I’d say shame on you, but it is obvious that so many of you have no shame.

To all those that were wounded, and to the families of those that were murdered; this conservative wishes that you get well quickly and that I share your grief.



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