Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | September 30, 2011

U.N.’s “level of ambition” behind closed doors

Amazing how many of the world’s governing bodies are operating more and more behind closed doors to decide the fate of millions, especially where their pocket books are concerned.

This is the case of the U.N. and their latest push to force draconian and extremely oppressive regulations and taxes on the world under the farce of “environmental protection” in Bonn. After that ridiculous showy mess that was Copenhagen failed miserably the U.N. just won’t give up.

Why not give up the  farce? Because it is all based on faulty and manipulated science with the only purpose being to line the pockets of individuals and corporations’ bottom lines. Money, money and more money! Al Gore is a perfect example of this as his net worth is ten times what it was as when he was V.P. of the U.S. All gained after his campaign to force his global warming garbage on the world.  Your money; their pockets!

Whether it is the Obamunists, or the “United” Nations, if they can’t get their agendas passed in the public eye, they will resort to behind closed-door decisions and sneak and force their policies through. Why the world puts up with this cronyism and, as history has shown over and over, failed socialistic policy making is anyones guess.  Maybe the socialists’  mantra of “tell a lie often enough, and it will become truth” is working.  Add to that another socialist mantra of “if it won’t pass in the light of day, force it on the populace after behind closed-door law making”. Cockroaches have more character.



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