Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 18, 2013

Imperialism in America = Freedoms and Liberties Lost

Early this morning I was taking in the grey chilly start of the day while looking at the lake. About 20 yards away, up to the surface of the water, pops a water fowl with a decent sized bream in its long beak. The fowl, having a bit of a struggle to position the fish for its’ eventual end. Then I noticed just a few feet above the water a hawk trying to position itself to steal the fish right out of the beak of the water fowl. Without much hesitation, and figuring the hawk would not go away, the water fowl took its’ hard won catch and simply dove under the water to finish what it earned, leaving the hawk to look elsewhere for his meal. I have witnessed this hawk swoop down, more than once, and snatch with his talons fish from the water on his own, without breaking “forward” flight, thus earning his own meal. I thought how nice it would be if we could just simply dive under water to keep (or even find something) our hard-earned “meal” from the force of the White House occupier and his armed IRS…without drowning.

Now the occupier is wanting to further dig his talons into the flesh of “We the People…”; not just our “meals”, by ever more tyrannical and dictatorial edicts that he alone professes to deem necessary to inflict. Constitution be damned. Immoral socialist ideology thrust down our throats under the false guise of “mandate” that is only electoral in reality. Cowardly tactics of using innocent children behind him to bolster his misguided ideology. Even those elected to counter his imperialism complicit by their silence and caving inaction.

I am at once incensed, saddened, and powerless to save my children from what could have been a bright future of growth and prosperity. Nor myself now four years unemployed. My optimism for there to be a return to the America that should be, can still be, waning.

Common sense beaten down by his hovering wings and shredded by his talons. Thus, are We the People.



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