Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 21, 2013

Coronation of a Pseudo King

A sad day and future starts now.

Today, America officially rings in the next four years of misery headed by, not just a pseudo king, but a socialist dictator in the making. It also starts the downfall of our children’s future. It will take decades to repair the damage if it ever can be undone. A nightmare that no Elm Street imagined, chain saws included.

With the BLS officially stating this week that over 8 million people are no longer looking for jobs, because the jobs are not there to look for, Herr Barry is laughing, vacationing, and golfing his way through his first term, and more of the same will be his second. Spending his time hiding behind children to push his edicts outside of Congress, because, of course, only he who thinks he walks on water, knows what is best for the rest of the 300 million people in our former great nation. Just try to take our Constitutional right to bear arms against tyranny and watch millions revolt.

If his lips are moving, he’s lying, with the possibly biggest whopper being said (so far…) to John Boehner – “We don’t have a spending problem.” The feckless, and useless media fawning and slobbering over him, literally and figuratively pronouncing his “second coming”, while burying and plainly not even reporting anything that would ruin his greasy shine. Creating and fostering a jobs creation environment what? Benghazi what? Fast and Furious where? Billions of dollars wasted on “green” businesses going bankrupt left and right when? Transparency when? Special interest lobbyists and donors from China who? Union thugs and crony capitalist who? What kind of “journalists” would we be if we didn’t laud Charles and Kate’s baby bump, instead reporting that there are now over 56 million dead, dismembered babies since 1973? They’re no longer bumps. Snooki did what? Honey Boo Boo said what? Or, when we “reporters” can stick microphones within minutes of a tragedy in the faces of terrified, trauma stricken children, in the aftermath of a senseless shooting, asking the children to make sense of it all while getting almost every detail wrong? What was the over glorified shooters name? Was it his brother? Assault rifle – not a blinged out hunting rifle made to look like a military grade weapon?

This man is a horrible human being at best who is bent on doing what ever he can get away with to permanently destroy this country. His mentors Ayers and Wright, and the “Chicago” way to live up to. What is blowing up buildings compared to being able to “fundamentally” destroy a nation. After all, the wife with “bangs” he has to make “proud of her country”, too. But, hey! Why stop with screwing up just the once greatest nation this earth has ever seen? When, look here! Barry the Magnificent can ruin the rest of the planet while he’s at it, by letting Iran go nuclear and possibly (read: will do at earliest moment) trash the entire world in a holocaust, starting with Israel. You remember Israel, don’t you your pseudo highness? Our allies sitting alone surrounded by the religion of the perpetually enraged? Yeah, thought you didn’t. To busy pandering here and to the Morsi’s of the world while Christendom is trashed here and abroad in a way not seen since the Romans. Got your fiddle Nero? Smell smoke where? Crucify the GOP?

If it wasn’t such a sick joke, albeit reality, I’d be laughing at the uneducated morons that voted (many twice) to put his royal Maroon (thanks Bugs Bunny) back in office, instead of him focusing on his memoirs and library in his less than 1% can afford mansion in Hawaii. How’s that paycheck looking (if you are lucky enough to have a job) Barry voters? Ha! How’s that spread the wealth class warfare “check” spending? Where’s your handout? Obama phone? Hours cut to less than 28 a week you say? You say it’s all good because you are going to get “free” medical care? Don’t realize still that you have voted yourself into perpetual poorness and slavery to an ever burgeoning and growing government, taking the rest of us with you? Oh, if you realized even one of the above, that would mean you actually read (and understand) something other than the comics while holed up in your parent’s basement. Or maybe you are a classier liberal and read the Onion. You only watch tv specifically Jersey Shore or MSNBC? Presumptuous Piers and Raging Rachel your favorites?

No surprise, and as a result, pardon me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for you to educate yourself. By then, your own children will have been indoctrinated into the pseudo dictators stock rhetoric. Oh, you wanted to go to a party so you aborted them?



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