Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | January 22, 2013

55+ Million Dead, No Graves

Today should be a day to mark the mass slaughter of over 55 million Americans. One could almost envision a somber parade complete with flag draped coffin in representation similar to that of the passing of some elder statesman. Or, even row upon row of white headstones, crosses and stars of David like you might see at Arlington or Normandy, France. Monuments to senseless slaughter and reminders that we should someway put an end to the senselessness. But, there are none to mark these innocents, that didn’t have the comfort of a hand to hold theirs, before they were murdered in the womb.

Jesus said, blessed are those among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb. Yet, in the year of 2013, 40 years since the passing of Roe v. Wade by one single vote by SCOTUS; children are being murdered at an ever-increasing rate. It is a rate that is 50,000 times more than the toll at Sandy Hook. Where are the so-called “journalists” with their microphones shoved in the faces children (fortunate not to have been aborted), like they did within minutes after Sandy Hook, asking their opinions and reaction to the trauma, to decry this substantially higher death toll from murder.

Worse, the main facilitator of this epic scale of murder, Planned Parenthood, is bragging that they are taking in over $1 billion per year to continue the death toll. About half, $542 million from tax payer money alone. Evil are the ones that named this insidious organization, as it belies what their main purpose is about. Murdering children. Sure, they tout cancer screenings, and contraceptives, but the fact remains – those are not where the money comes from. Why isn’t it called Planned Death Camp, or All About Abortions. Maybe with ads depicting some young woman having an abortion one day, and going to that all important party the next day. No longer responsible, no longer tied down. Free and unfettered, a gleam in her eye, the flash of her white teeth. No, that would mean bringing murder into the light where roaches and rats fear to be seen.

Has there been many who have thought what over 55 million children represent? Probably not. Abortion is still one of the great unmentionables. You will not hear it spoken at the dinner table or within the closest family units. There may be whispers here and there, but no real discussions are held. Nothing akin to; “Hey, did you know that Susie had an abortion today? Sure glad, I wasn’t ready to be a grandfather. What’s that, mom? You didn’t know about it, either? I over heard her telling her BFF. Must be that darned law where you and I don’t have to give consent. Oh well, ha ha!” No, it is easier to not discuss and just forget. But, can you forget something like that?

Well, here is what all of those murdered innocents that were never given a chance could represent. Approximately 30 million of them would now be ready to start their own families. That means, you guessed it, they could have been having around 20 million of their own children. What could have all of these children and their potential children have accomplished, or contributed to the society as a whole? What innovations, cures, or other accomplishments are forever lost? 55 million guesses and one could not come up with the answers.

Put in more simple terms, 55 million children would roughly be the populations of California, New York, and Florida – combined. One statistic shows that if they were a nation, those murdered would be similar to Germany which is the 16th largest country on earth and economically fourth in rank. What would the world’s reaction be if Germany, or three of our nation’s states were wiped out? One can see whole armies thrust into almost instant combat to eradicate the evil foe. But, not so here. Day in and day out, almost outwardly silent, children’s lives are taken legally every day just because they are in the womb and not outside of it. Within the womb and the terrible Planned Parenthood facilities across this nation – it is almost certainly not silent. Dismemberment has a sound – as well as the laughter all the way to the bank for their employees and administrators.

Thus, if you voted for the tyrant and his administration that is the most pro-murder in American history, it is hard to know how you can live with yourself or even look in a mirror. What’s that? You have no reflection?



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