This blog is about what is going wrong with the direction of America in my opinion, and other general observations as I see them.



  1. I see you are new to the blogosphere–Welcome. Don’t be too upset with the fools out there who come on your site and bad mouth you or who delete your comments on their blogs. This is how the fanatics of every ideology have behaved. There is never any merit or intelligence in extremism so there is nothing else those who adhere to these dogmas can do but rant and spit and claw.

    It really isn’t worth your time to be trying to talk sense to them. When they come on your blog and make too much of a nuisance of themselves simply lock them out. There are too many intelligent people who will want to read what you have to say and comment from time to time for you to allow space to those who have nothing to add to the dialog.

    Sincerely, Brenda Bowers BB

    • You are probably correct, Brenda. Just irritating the waste of time it turns out to be. If the person feels so strong to put their thoughts out for all to see, then engage in a constructive back and forth commentary; it just seems wrong to censor. As I said, though, I am not that surprised.

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