Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 9, 2010

Rep. Weiner Unset on Tax Deal: So What!

Remember the election Weiner? It is past time for you, Pelosi, and Reid to get over your idealogical garbage programs and get with the American program! Your tiny number of constituents, who obviously have no clue, that kept you in office does not translate to what the nation wants. You have had two years to do almost insurmountable harm along with your cronies. If you can’t see that the last two years have been a catastrophic failure, unequaled in the nations history (not including FDR), then you have sanity issues. Resign now and do the country a real service.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 9, 2010

Berkeley’s Bob Meola: A True Idiot

Meola considers traitor to America, Pfc. Manning, a patriot? Okay Mr. Meola, people are probably dying due to the release of these government documents. You, Meola, should sit next to Manning when he gets the death penalty for treason. But what should we expect from a San Franfreako nut case? Not very much.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 9, 2010

Yet More Proof Pelosi Is Delusional

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi, after the House passed their ridiculous Dream Act, stated that the founding fathers would have supported her bill.

Really! Nasty Nancy, you would be perfect for Saturday Night Live chuckle hour, but, no one is laughing. This bill is nothing more than a vote maker for you and your cronies, and, further more, a huge waste of public time and money. It is also a bill to show the world that you stick your middle finger to the majority view in America, and that you thumb your nose to the law of the land. You’re a disgusting example of what is wrong in America and an embarrassment to the nation.

Oh, by the way Nancy dear; the founding fathers of this nation would have already had the army in Mexico with a sword to their corrupt government’s throats, telling them to get their act together or else!

UPDATE: It is almost laughable if she weren’t so serious. The latest delusional comment by outgoing House Speaker Pelosi (about time!) is that her “mantra” has been cutting spending!! Uh, NANCY!!! WAKE UP!!!! Your watch has seen in increase of over a trillion dollars. Do you really believe what you are saying?! Do you really believe that the anyone believes you?! Stop the lying! Whatever drugs you are taking – please overdose and end our nations misery of your mouth.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 8, 2010

Hackers for Wikileaks: Cyber Terror Punks

Reports say hackers, sympathetic to extortionist Julian Assange and his Wikileaks garbage spewing website, are going to attack MasterCard, and others for any disruption in the Wikileaks website.

This is nothing more than terrorism on top of disruption of commerce, and the punks that cause any disruption, when caught, should receive stiff prison terms for their cowardly acts.

The world cannot be held hostage to the whims of the Assanges in this world that wouldn’t have the guts to stand in front of someone to tell them what they think. They must be held accountable and in a severe way.

Obama, in my view, has encouraged and emboldened these fools by doing nothing in the wake of the Wikileaks disaster. Obama’s lack of action is incredibly dangerous, and irresponsible. Let’s hope Congress, now that there are conservatives elected who can actually be leaders, will do what is necessary to restore America’s honor and deal with these punks.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 8, 2010

Unions Get Latest Payback From Obama

Unions spent millions of dollars to buy protection and favors from the Obama administration and have recieved one of their largest payback’s in the form of the new Obamacare exemptions.

While the Pelosi, Reid, and Obama went behind closed doors to push the Obamacare plan into law in the dead of night, they evidently cut deals with their union thugs to get exemptions. While ordinary Americans are going to be forced to abide by the law unless the conservatives can restore sanity and repeal this debacle. Big business gets exemptions, too.  Disgusting.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 8, 2010

Dem-wits Still Believe Your Money Belongs To Them

Where is it written that your earnings belong to the government? Especially if you are “wealthy”? I challenge anyone to find where in the constitution that money you and I work hard for, is forfeit to the federal government at ever-increasing levels. Guess what socialist-dem voter….there is nothing to say that my money nor your money belongs to the government! And, my money sure doesn’t equate as forfeit to you just because you don’t have as much! People that take risks and shoulder other burdens, i.e., work hard to earn more, deserve their earnings. The socialist-dem’s want you to believe the opposite trash because without your money – socialist-dem’s don’t exist! I do know that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are in there somewhere. All of which are impinged by socialist-dem’s ideals/policies and extreme need to punitively tax your earnings to pay for their ridiculousness.

Should we pay taxes? Of course, as we need a military and certain other services to function as a nation. After all, you like having a place to dump your Pelosi and wipe your Reid. But, things have gone too far. The socialist-dem’s have come to believe that you and I “owe” it to their ideals to pay for every fool out there that feels they deserve a hand-out, with the bottom line to support the socialist-dem’s insatiable need for power!

We need to get rid of the IRS and the punitive taxes we have had to endure since the last grossly negligent president, FDR, shoved his hands into our wallets. (Yes you can add Carter in there, but thanks to all that is good he was limited to one term.) The current system allows the Pelosi’s and Reid’s of this country to abuse your money, by spending it before it even hits the Treasury. They know that all they have to do to pay for a swimming pool is gouge us for more tax. A national sales tax cannot be manipulated to pay for socialist-dem’s hand-outs! Everyone pays their share. If you think you “deserve” a pool for your community, then get off your tail and organize a fund raiser to produce the funds to build, and maintain, the facility – locally. Oh, and part of maintaining means your community keeps up the facility when it is abused by those that don’t care because they didn’t work for it, as almost invariably is the case. Americans are sick and tired of the these abuse of funds that are nothing more than bottomless holes that become dumps.

It is so easy to see the socialist-dem’s abuse of your money; just simply turn on your tv to see them whine and moan (scream and throw verbal barbs more like it) about the current issue of not increasing the Bush tax levels. Pelosi and her equally crooked cohorts are railing against Obama conceding to the will of the people (remember the election Nasty Nancy and Rip-off Reid?!)- claiming of all things that he isn’t representing the will of the people! Are there really people out there that are so stupid as to believe Pelosi when she states that cutting spending and not raising taxes are actually going to cost money?! If you are that stupid, well…you just can’t be helped. You are the one’s that keep voting these idiots like Pelosi into office, because you really think you are going to get a check out of their winning office! Haven’t you noticed that you and your type still live miserable lives and nothing has ever changed that predicament? No? Well that figures. That makes you nothing but slaves to Pelosi, et al. You want other examples? Just look at Britain and France in the last few weeks. Look at Greece. Their socialist ideals are blowing up in their faces, literally, as their handout-happy populace are crying like babies over “their” money being taken away. Well, that is what happens when you have crushing tax rates that steal from those that earned their incomes! Get a clue! You need to produce your own wealth through your own effort!

Ludicrous! Is what you are Pelosi, Reid, cohorts, and their voters! You all are so drenched in your lust for power and or someone elses money, and your need to keep your electorate poor and downtrodden, that you can’t even remotely see the truth of what is best for this nation as a whole, and not by pushing the den of iniquity style values that is San Franfreako. Your actions are tantamount to treason, and at best are dangerous. At the very least your actions make you disgusting. Keep it up, though! I want 2012 to send you another message. I doubt that you, Pelosi and Reid, will get it even then as you are too inebriated with your power and believing your own lies. Believe you me….you all will bend to my will – as it represents the true majority. Your insanity must stop.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | December 3, 2010

The Dream Act is a Dumb Act Idea

There is an old adage we all are familiar with: “Give someone an inch, and they will take a mile.” Thus, it is easy for those to make the leap that if they get away with breaking one major law, why not any other one that strikes their fancy? After all, these are people who only want to take the easy path as a means to the end. Anyone with any common sense knows that the easy path never really produces anything good. Oh yeah, there we are again – discussing those with no common sense.

We are a nation of laws, and if you allow those laws to be usurped, then we have nothing! Those who fought, died, and sacrificed in other ways, to make this nation great will have done so in vain. Not if I can help it. Thus, those that still love this nation for what it has been and represented, need to join me and continue to keep pressure on our elected officials to oppose scary Harry Reid and the Pelosi Pukes that still infest the swamp in D. C. We need to find ways to, if we can’t ‘drain the swamp’; at least cut off the snake heads and isolate their destructive localized ideals from infecting our nation.

There is another adage….an illegal act is in fact ILLEGAL! There ARE consequences for breaking the law! As there should be. In spite of the socialist’s attempts to the contrary. It is one of the host of reasons that this nation voted the socialists out of power. Their desire to, at all costs, to change the fundamental values that make this nation great, by forcing down our throats the tremendous amount of treasonous legislation is the single greatest threat to our national security. Maybe you laughed at that statement? Really, now. Look at the violence that is Mexico (and other countries south of the border) that is spilling over (and under!) our borders now. The drug cartels and illegals sense, correctly so, the weakness in our government and brazenly show that they have no fear of reprisals. It is only a short time before the house burnings, beheadings, IED’s, and hand grenades used in terror tactics below the border, make their way into the gangs of our border towns and then farther north. Already, there have been murders of Americans on their own properties in border areas. This isn’t rhetoric or conspiracy theory! This is fact! We must act to stop this, yet Obamunists refuse to even comment on the subject without being cornered!

So for those sad sacks that get on the mainstream tv ‘news’ love-fest train for illegals; to portray themselves as being wronged because they are an “A” student, well too bad. To the young high school girl and “A” student seen recently on tv crying because she is being deported because she is illegal: You are not a victim, you are a criminal! Sad maybe, but it is what it is. The only remotely viable way you could be labeled a ‘victim’ is that you are a victim of your parents’ stupidity. For once, have the guts and fortitude to look at where to put the ‘blame’ properly! Feel fortunate that no one is talking about going after the $60,000 dollars in education costs you and your family stole from the public coffers. Not including the cost of the social crutches we have provided  because you refused to even assimilate into our society! Oh, and you still want in-state tuition for college? Amazing.

Cruel? Not from my view. If you want someone to blame for your problem then look at your parents, or whom ever stole you into the country! Go ahead and ask them; “why were you so stupid as to break the law, which is now coming back to haunt me in the form of deportation?” But no….you won’t hear that in the media’s portrayal of illegal immigrants. You won’t hear the mainstream media say that if the roles were reversed, Mexico, et al, wouldn’t lift a little finger to even remotely accommodate an American in the smallest measure. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you would write a check out of your pocket, to the tune of thousands of dollars, to put me through school knowing that illegals never contributed to the cost in any way. Yeah, right….! (By the way Warren Buffet and other socialists…if you want higher taxes and to finance the $6+ BILLION DOLLARS that it will cost to finance illegals’ amnesty, just you identify yourselves and get out your check books. Leave me out of it! Of course, it is easy when you people talk about others’ monies isn’t it?)

You say you are in the military serving, but are illegal and should be granted amnesty because of your service? Well, your service wouldn’t be an issue if you weren’t here in the first place illegally. Be honest! I say that if it doesn’t bother you to break one law, you don’t mind breaking more! And why not, as there so far, were no consequences for breaking the last one. I would be in favor of fast-tracking an immigrant legally, if joining the armed forces is their intention. I can respect someone who is willing to fight for my country. That tells me they have other ideals that are not parasitic and more in tune with the values Americans have enjoyed for over 200 years. If they serve their duty honorably, not necessarily exceptionally, then I think that citizenship would be a reward well earned and deserved.

The mainstream media loves to put in front of their cameras the extremely few examples of illegals that show some positive attributes. But the reality is that the vast majority are a pox on our society. The only positive to this depression/recession our nation is enduring is that the majority of illegals have gone home! Our roads are safer, and jails less full. Wonderful! Take away their free money they get under the table, and there is no reason for them to be here. And guess what! Our toilets still get cleaned, and our farms still operate. I would still have my business that illegal labor sank, due to unfair competition. It’s mighty difficult to compete when five illegals can do the same job, as one legal citizen in business for himself/herself, for less money! If fact, for me, it was impossible.

Bottom line…the only ‘Dream’ here is the socialist’s “do anything by any means necessary, even if we have to put a ‘boot to their throats’, ram it through behind closed doors” mentality to gather more voters for their treasonous agenda. Come now illegals, you really didn’t think the democrat/socialists just have big hearts did you?


Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | November 3, 2010

No Hope for (Real) Change in Cal., Nevada, N.E. Areas

For those in these states that voted for common sense and an end to the insanity that has prevailed in those states for so long. The insanity that, ultimately, was projected on the nation like vomit. I do not include you in the ‘no hope’ category. I do feel sorry for those of you that have to live in those areas and put up with such ridiculous people as your neighbors. I imagine that many of you will find a way to leave those states, and follow the many that have already made an exodus.

Now that the election is over, it is clear that the majority of people in those areas do not have a realistic view of their world, much less the rest of the nation. Voting back to office the likes of Pelosi, Boxer, Brown, Reid, Frank, et. al., shows that common sense, again speaking only of the majority vote, is lost on these people. You have made your choices and I congratulate you on exercising your vote. Hope you enjoy being islands of  jobless quagmire, corruption, skyrocketing debt, losing more of your liberties, etc., etc. I hope you enjoy being looked upon like circus clowns by the rest of the nation. Better learn to juggle, or stuff yourselves in a tiny car, and hope you can find a job performing your clown act.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 25, 2010

Illegals Given the Right to Vote?!!

Chicago, bastion of corrupt politics and our president, has already given the privilege to vote to illegals. Now Portland, ME is planning to vote on giving this privilege to illegals as well!

Why? What possible good reason is there to give illegals and foreigners holding passports the right to decide how America is governed? The liberal socialist left is showing their true colors with this debacle. Anything to sway elections in favor of a liberal agenda. This political cancer must be cut out and removed now! It is just an extension of “sanctuary cities” and is illegal on its face!

I can see no reason that is positive for America to allow criminals and those whose allegiance is to a foreign nation to vote how America is governed! This is insanity at its worst within the socialist/democrat ranks. It is a slap in all our faces those of us that love this nation for what it has stood for since it’s inception. It is a slap, worst of all, to those that have fought and died for this country and it’s principles.

Further, the President of the “United” States of “America” has not publicly said a word about this. Not too surprising there. He gets their votes.

Wake up “United States of America”, before there is no  “United” America. You should be very frightened of this very real threat by the liberal left. The liberals love to say the conservatives are fear mongers. Well, the truth is that the liberals are the fear mongers and prove it with their ridiculous and dangerous legislation! Just more reason to vote them out of government. The lies and destructive political legislation must be terminated and reversed/repealed. Come November 2nd, if there is not a complete turnaround of this kind of garbage. It will be time for the conservative base in America, to stop being polite, and take off the gloves.

As much as it disgusts me, we will have to play the socialist/democrat game, and, that is start to ostracize and treat supporters (friends or neighbors), of those that would bring down America and the liberties and values we hold dear, negatively in an open way. The socialist/democrats have been doing this for years already through the media in a variety of ways.

Start by not shopping in stores that support liberal agendas. Ask those whose services you purchase what their support is given to, and change them to those who provide services that are in line with conservatives. Especially if these services employ illegals. Stop watching television programs and their networks that promote the liberal agenda. That will really hurt, as most networks promote the liberal agenda. Yeah, that may require you to miss a favorite show or two, but the message must be sent. Stop purchasing products of companies that sponsor through their ads on liberal programming.  PBS is a prime example and lists those that donate to  liberal based programs at the end of the program, which makes it easy to tell whose company to avoid! The fight will be on in a most realistic way then.

It is my hope, though, that the above won’t have to happen (not entirely) because a resounding conservative message would have been sent by the morning of November 3rd. If that happens, the liberal media rhetoric will immediately take a different tone. It already has to a small degree, just from the anticipation of a voter referendum that is expected. That should be a lesson to the real majority in America as to just how easy it is. Don’t let the minority in the government and media dictate the direction of the majority of Americans and our values and liberties that make Americans exceptional, anymore. They are supposed to work for you! Not vice-versa.

Posted by: whereisthecommonsense | October 25, 2010

Pres. – “We are proud to be Americans.” Really?!

In a speech yesterday, Obama said “…we are Democrats, but we are more proud to be Americans.”

Really now Mr. President?

You and your administration have been bent on not just “change” as in the way you billed it in your campaign. But, a complete dismantling of what it is that makes America!

Your administration has done nothing but work behind closed doors, in the most nefarious manner possible, to turn our nation into a third world version of socialist France! We have seen in recent weeks how that works for France. We have seen how socialism is a loser system that produces nothing. Produces nothing materially, and thus, economically inert.

But, socialism does “produce” quite a bit of the most negative things like people living in an entitlement state, which just creates more people with each generation that think they are owed something. It “produces” an infringement on freedoms and liberty. Worse, socialism is always “produced” and advanced by falsehoods and an insidious absence of truth in multiple forms of media. History is full of such examples Mr. President. History which you not only ignore, but want to rewrite in your image.

That, among your many other transgressions like censorship, is decidedly un-American. True Americans, Mr. President, are decidedly not proud at this juncture.

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